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Verb (American slang): to kill another human being.
After the protection money was not delivered, Capone ordered Frank Nitti to liquidate the malefactor.
by speedog June 21, 2010
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In the dating world to liquidate is the act of "dumping" without notice or to actively seek to not hangout with opposite members of your sex in which you previously showed or faked an interest in to start anew or "fresh"

The act of Liquidation is commonly linked to players and general whores/sluts.

The commonly Liquidated consists of but is not limited to normal run of the mill plain Jane's or Joe Shmoe's.

To preform you must have a date interest that you have been seeing for about a week or two then without warning or notice when they think everything is going alright you sever all contact for your various reasons. ex: His/Her laugh is annoying, i don't like that he/she smokes, He/She talks about themselves and their issues constantly, he's/she's pretty hot and we have allot in common and he/she really seems to be interested in me but i would rather be single for no apparent reason.
"Hey man you know those 2 girls I've been seeing...Liquidated, I'm done with em!"

"Yeah dude she was really cool and i can tell she is into me big time...Liquidated!"

"Yeah the first date went great, we talked and shared allot about each other i felt a connection its just to bad I'm never going to call"
by Dgriffy February 05, 2009
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To purify ass salts into a brown murky liquid known as brine.
Brine. Bovril. And other browny liquids.
by Smelter(the best smelter) April 29, 2005
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