1) The mixture of male and female ejaculate that constitutes the "wet spot" in one's bed following coitus.

2) A salty fluid that tenderizes meat
Well, apparently you were excited, and I unloaded a sack-full so now we've got to sleep in our brine. Get over it.
by Scsbd2 October 11, 2015
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brine is another name for salt or beyond saltlyness or to messed someone chance of getting some trim
yo i was over there talking to this fine honey trying to get some trim here comes tyrone throwing all his brine in the convo. thanks tyrone
by jovanio March 21, 2007
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When you're so salty it feels like you're pickling yourself
I'm still brining about what that asshole said
by toshkathemarowak August 6, 2017
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The act of wiping one's dirty, sweaty, wet ass crack on someone or some object.
Carla went to the gym and after a heavy workout, came home and brined her boyfriend's leg when she sat on his lap.

Carl was sick of his room mate's pranks so he got his own revenge when he brined the arm rests of his roomy's recliner.
by Eaton Holgoode October 6, 2015
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Nickname for a friend, usually named Brian. Can also be used for other names but doesn't make nearly enough sense.
Hey man, you hear about what happened to Brine?" "No man, what?" "I don't know, that's why i asked you!
by Jihan19 August 8, 2010
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one's brain. usually pertains to somebody who is under the influence of cocaine, (or skine).
Hey Nathan how r u doin buddy?

I'm geekin out man. I'm skined out of my brine.
by bagel bomb May 20, 2008
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