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Regiz identifies a group of friends, cool persons, a small community and stands for the word ragazzi and it is a way to refer directly in a conversation to the group itself.
It is mostly coming from Reggio Emilia (north Italy) area.
"Bella regiz, come state?"
("Hey guys, how are you doing")

"Oh regiz, ci siete per una pizza stasera?"
("Hey guys, are you available for a pizza tonight?")

"Oh, guardatevi regiz, oggi siete veramente fighi!"
("Oh, look at yourself dudes, today you look really cool!")
by axel&pierre April 23, 2019
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The maurice is a term with Italian origins and it represents a lesbian sexual practice.
It consists of an attempt to penetrate as much as possible a pussy with one boob and its nipple.
It is typically suitable for women with fuller breast.
The girl is making a maurice to her friend.
Those girls are having fun with the maurice.
"I want to have a maurice, make me a maurice".
by axel&pierre November 22, 2015
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Italian slang to express pretty good feelings about your mood. It can be an answer once you've been asked how it is going, but it can be also used to notice that things related to any topic are going pretty fine.
Axel: "Ciao Pierre, come stai?"
("Hi Pierre, how are you?")

Pierre: "Ehi Axel, abbabene e tu?"
("Hey Axel, pretty good and what about you?")


Lorenzo: "La squadra va abbabene, ma potrebbe fare di più"
("The team is going pretty good, but it could do better")
by axel&pierre April 23, 2019
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Something freaking cool, awesome, mind blown, amazing
"hey man, this party is so liquid!!"
"check this LP, it is so liquid!"
"hey man, your girlfriend is so liquid."
by axel&pierre June 17, 2016
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