An incredible rapper that people hate on because they dont have any game nor rappin skills. So if you say he sucks because he repeats himself and he isn't like the original hip hop artist most likely you like his music but you won't admit it because you can only live in your little contrarian world. Further more hating ass people like you just bug the shit out of the rest of the world so just shut your mouth because no one wants to hear it. Rap is something that gives people happiness, hope, and entertainment and your type of music does the same for you so why would you want to make fun of any artform. People who make fun of music (or any art) are just forms of people who are racist or ignorant enough to close there mind to something because they don't like or understand the way it makes people feel."You know you you at the top when only heavens right above it"
Hey man did you hear that bitch say he hates Lil Wayne?
Yeah he's just jealous 'cause he ain't got nuthin on Lil Wayne. <3
by hannahsaurus rex <3 December 29, 2010
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best rapper alive...who ever lived. why you dissin him?? can you do any better?? no...didtnt think so. so shut the _____ up and enjoy it. its the greatest music ever.
Man I got summer hating on me cause I'm hotter than the sun
Spring hating on me cause I ain't neva sprung
Win-ter hating on me cause I'm colder than ya'll
And I will neva I will neva I will neva FALL
I'm being hated by the season
So fuck ya'll who hating for no reason.
lil wayne
by souljasloan July 10, 2008
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Lil Wayne is the best rapper ever . if you think otherwise , you can fuck off . He is the best person ever and nothing can change that . He is the reason why i am not dead yet . i refuse to die until i meet him , but if he died before i met him , i shall die . if he dies ever , i shall die , but first , i shall kill the person that killed him . Don ' t fuck with him . i am his biggest fan ever and words can not describe how i feel about him . Lil Wayne ' s full name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr . He dropped the " D " on " Dwayne " because his father ' s name is Dwayne . Dwayne is not a part of Lil Wayne 's life no more , so he dropped the " D " . He is also known as Weezy or Weezy F Baby . He is a part of Young Money , and he is also a part of Cash Money .
Sam : Desi , you got a new boyfriend ? !
Desi : yeah , but he ain ' t no Lil Wayne .

Dude : isn ' t it awesome ? !
Desi : yeah , but it ain ' t no Lil Wayne .

Lucas : why did you break up with me ? i ' m not hot enough for you ?
Desi : 0f course you are , but you ain ' t no Lil Wayne .
by DesiLilWayne September 15, 2012
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Lil wayne. Amazing rapper. The love of my life. Hes insane. His voice could give world peace. Hes got so many haters and he dont care what ya think. Hes a beast. Hes better then everyone, hes a cash money millionaire. & he keeps making that money. Hes an inspiration, hes my boo. I love lil wayne, weezy f baby.<3333
by Sarahhhhh Hitch February 10, 2009
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the best rapper alive. a proven fact! dewayne michael carter jr; aka lil wayne aka weezy.f.baby.
man fuck all yall that says lil wayne cant rap. i believe thats why yall aint pullin hoes and stackin paper like him. u say hes ugly? is that why hes pullin more hoes than you? hes prolly pullin your mama. hate on him. hes a rapper and a rocker... wat r u ??.... a BITCH!!
former member of "hot boys". lil wayne, turk, bg, juvenile. and has put out many mixtapes and albums, nxt album... the rebirth. hes unstoppable!
by weezy fanatic April 20, 2009
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