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x The Phonetics of Lil' Jon

Yeahhh (Ye-ayah)

Whaaat (Hu-at-uh)

Okaayy (Oh-khaye)

X Etymology of Lil' Jon

A Chalet

Shiny Teeth

Club Energy
Madam, will this be reflected upon my frequent flyer miles?
Well sir, did you book your flight online?
by Ganguly July 08, 2004

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The infamous move put into play by the Miami Heat against the Detroit Pistons where Ben Wallace gets repeatedly fouled on purpose to slow the Pistons down with Wallace's rather poor free throw percentage, and lead Miami to a game three victory.
They used the Hackaben on him, and the Heat won. Damn, that's such a cheap move.
by Ganguly May 28, 2006

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Describing one of the cultural hubs of Hindustan(India). People(about 200 million) from here love cricket, as it is the home of the majestic Eden Gardens, as well as enjoying life and eating rossogollas, gulab jamuns, sandeshes, fresh fish, and pan parag. Very intelligent beings.
Legendary individuals such as Sourav Ganguly, Kishoe Kumar Ganguly, Rabindranath Tagore(Renaissance Man), Amar Gopal Bose(BOSE speakers),Jagadish Chandra Bose(Scientist), Ramakrishna/Vivekananda(Saints featured in many world publications),and Ravi Shankar(Taught Beatles) all came from the State of West Bengal in India.
by Ganguly April 21, 2004

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