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what a girl says to you after you try and hook up with her and fail. This line is usually used by a girl who says that she has to be friends before getting involved but if the right guy comes in, everything else gets thrown out the door.
Girl: Listen, I really like you, but lets be friends first because i never date a guy who i dont know.
*random guy walks in*
Girl: wow i think i want to have sex with him
by William C. June 09, 2004

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a man who makes music and beats for rappers in the dirty souf. noted for his excessive use of the words: yeah, okay, and what. popularized by dave chappelle skit.

Note: is said to be always drunk, and goes nowhere without his pimp cup
wow look its another song with lil jon on it, what a surprise, his lyrics are so verbose!!!
by William C. June 10, 2004

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What people say when they don't know something. The last thing someone will tell you after giving you previous wrong answers.
Me: hey what time is it? Person: its 12:00. Me: Really? Person: I dont know...
by William C. June 16, 2004

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