when a guy licks a girls vagina until she orgasms
very enjoyable for both involved
guys should focus on the clitoris

depending on the girl

some like it hard but some prefer it softer
you will know what to do from her reaction
and lick up all her cum
a good lickout

1) firstly a guy will kiss around her vagina to arouse her
2) then still kissing add presure and lick round about her vagina
3) remember to kiss and lick her pubes (a lot of guys dont do that)
4) suck the lips of her vagina hard

5) then after she is very wet begin to kiss her clitoris

6) then begin to lick up and down her vagina
7) suck and lick her clitoris hard

8) from time to time tease her by going back to steps 2 - 4
9) now suck/lick her hole

10) she should be close to orgasm now so keep licking and sucking as hard as you can until she does

trust me this is thee best experience ever
if you follow these steps then she will return the favour
by love_this October 3, 2009
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Known on TGF. A lick out man is the term used for when somebody is known to be a complete arsehole. The term 'Lick Out' suggests that they have therefore licked out the persons arsehole. Could also be a refference to the word 'Bumsuck'
John: Hey what are you doing

Craig: Nothing, just ploughing your mum infront of your baby siter
John: Oh Craig, your such a lickout man.
by LickoutMan March 14, 2016
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If someone is being a total asshole then they are a lickout man
Jack: How was David's party?
Matt: It was so shit
Jack: Hey stop being such a lickout man!
by jlmcnulty February 10, 2017
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He took her home from the club last night and gave her a lickout before penetrating her
by LegendShagger March 15, 2018
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