The acronym used by TGFbro, which stands for two good friends
"Man TGFbro are TGF"
by Finnity August 28, 2018
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Thank God For. Can be used in combination with other letters to form new acronyms.
TGFB - Thank God For Bryan, he really solved the problem for us!
by Cactaceae April 20, 2010
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Out and about, after seeing a long time friend that slays all females - "this guy fucks" tgf
by Tgphelps July 23, 2017
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I have a TGF but can't get a real GF.
by Soapy17 October 13, 2011
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The act of going on YouTube to watch their shitty, cancerous content. Enjoy xD
Gary: Have you heard about TGF bro? My gran watched it and it gave her cancer.........
Dave: OH shit I haven't ill go and get cancer now"
by Semenbat69 November 27, 2016
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TGFS stands for "Thank God For SparkNotes."

Sparknotes is a website that has summaries of almost every book assigned in school.

WARNING: If you sparknote for an honors/AP class, you'll get like a C.
Faggot scholar - Yo dude I started reading the 3 chapters of The Bell Jar at 4 and just finished.

Evan Newfag - Oh shit I gotta sparknote that in the morning

Faggot scholar - Lazy ass.

Evan - TGFS!! Oh and can I get your terms dude?
by galfresh April 29, 2010
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