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Known on TGF. A lick out man is the term used for when somebody is known to be a complete arsehole. The term 'Lick Out' suggests that they have therefore licked out the persons arsehole. Could also be a refference to the word 'Bumsuck'
John: Hey what are you doing

Craig: Nothing, just ploughing your mum infront of your baby siter
John: Oh Craig, your such a lickout man.
by LickoutMan July 27, 2016
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When someone is an asshole they are described as a 'lick out man'
Terry: Yo Jason, you look like a donkey
Jayson: your such a lick out man
by NvrFckWithGoldFish May 31, 2016
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The term 'lick out man' is used when you are describing someone as an asshole.
Donkey: You suck haha lol.
Shrek: Ahhh. You're such a lick out man donkey.
by UrBoiCanCount June 25, 2017
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