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A dirty, burned out city in Northern New Jersey. Located slightly Northwest of Newark. Governed by a corrupt mayor with a corrupt police force. Has one of the highest crime rates in country.

Irvington was middle-class suburb prior to the 1980s. It is now one of the worst examples of urban decay in the United States.
Irvington is now more dangerous than Newark.
by RashaadB August 20, 2006
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a town in New Jersey with a bit over 50,000 people west of Newark. Its crime is dramatically high and has once been reffered to as "the murder capitol of the country". The town used to be prodominately White before the mid 70s to early 80s when the the black population scooted in bringing the black population to over 80% and bringing the crime up with it. If Irvington had a higher population, the city would probably be recorder as the most dangerous city in the country numorous times.

PS. When driving around the city of Irvington, NJ you will come across signs saying "prevent our city shootings".
-I found a cheap house in the east side of irvington.
-Then get ready to get shot up all the way west into Maplewood.
by DEEON January 01, 2009
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An city in Northern New Jersey where more than half of the houses are boarded up or burned down. Crime is so out of control that the police use military equipment to keep order.
The movie Black Hawk Down was filmed live on location in Irvington. It's a demilitarized zone.
by Lance Boone June 18, 2007
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The best part of fremont where all the "good kids liive" Hell yes. the ghetto part of FREAKMONT. Whud it dO?
1. Dammn i went to a party in irvington && gOt fuucked up!
2. Never fuck wid da irv town people. You'll get SCRAPPED.
3. I went to da woods and den da square. Daamn. Hellla heads. i was gOn get myy ass jumped.
by CraziixShortiix January 12, 2006
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A town in Northern Jersey, people always say it’s dirty, when they probably just hyping shit up. Irvington is most definitely cleaner than that trash, prostitute infested city they call β€œNewark”. And the crime rate went down.
β€œYo you ever been to Irvington? I heard it’s gotten better!”
by layschipsandlemonade October 28, 2019
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