A colloquialism for masturbation, orginated from the "World of Warcraft" paladin forums when a certain player wrote an essay on the paladins boring gameplay. He pointed out the positve side of only needing to attack a monster once every few minutes, then leaving yourself on auto attack while you "download gigabytes of hot girl on girl directly onto your harddrive".
After leveling up your paladin you may want to clean up after yourself.
by Atlec October 31, 2005
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It is when you are playing a video game and you surpass all of your friends by several levels in said game
Wow, Seth! I was playing God of War last night and I super double leveled up. Don't be sad, you'll catch up someday.
by Kristyleveledup April 29, 2018
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This describes a superior level of gaming. When one wants to make it known that they are a far superior player in a game.
Wow, Seth! I played this game so good I super double leveled up on you.
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Doing something difficult to the point that everything in that same category becomes easy.
I thought that this song was difficult, but then I played this new one and now the old was is easy. I'm Leveling-Up
by Mr. HBD October 26, 2019
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A woman who will steal, con or engage to gain financially. Usually bitter women, void of love. Taken a vow to steal and use her body to rise to the top.

Anything to “level up
Her son and husband died .. she collected the money probably a level up queen.

She dated him just to get information to fraud him. She’s a level up queen.

She works for a company just to abuse power and fraud. She’s a level up queen
by Z33qq December 3, 2021
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when you gain more than one level from a single battle in an RPG
I just gained 3 levels from that one battle! I had a multi level up!
by 50% Cat October 14, 2011
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Group of gay actors, they like to make porn on YouPorn.com
Person 1: Have you seen LargeMakesStuff Rule34 from Team Level UP?
Person 2: Yeah, it's p hot
by Obama's Fake Son April 27, 2020
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