One of the greatest inventions of mankind, second after the wheel.
I use YouPorn on a daily basis because this is the first website that truly delivers free porn.
by System F September 06, 2007
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The prefix "You" is derived from the popular video broadcasting website YouTube; however as opposed to YouTubes's exceptionally low tolerance for any explicit sexual material, YouPorn is strictly for finding pornographic videos.

1. The Mecca for free Pornographic videos.
2. My motherfucking homepage.
1. "All I want to see is free creampie action, WTF?"
"YouPorn FTMFW, dude."
2. Should be self-explanatory, I like to see pussy when my browser starts up.
by jh valley August 05, 2007
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Pretty much where all the deleted porn videos on youtube go.
Fuck youtube... let's go to youporn and look at real uncensored and undeleted shit
by Lil Duff 2008 August 15, 2008
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from the people that brought you youtube comes youporn!the site where you can post videos of yourself jacking off, and then have some horny fuck jack off to you!
with the cool videos that you can put your mouse over and preview with a couple slides to show you what the video looks like so you cant blame anybody when you click on a gay video because you could have previewed it first!
(also know to give you viruses and crash your computer)
example 1: im fucking bored and horney...lets see whats up on youporn....ok yes i like that.....wait is that a dude...oh shit thats not right oh god is he really sticking his finger there...WOW!

example 2: okay so i need to rub one off. okay this looks good. awww nice im done. click. SHIT MY COMPUTERS FUCKED....oh well least i jearked one first.
by drizthewiz June 29, 2009
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A trashy site, frequented by arrogant little pricks with so much bravado that they can't possibly contemplate some guy has a bigger cock than they do.
Prick: Dude, that hairy man on this youporn has the tiniest cock I've ever seen
Me: I didn't think you were that scared of it.
by cenaris March 04, 2008
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