When one has ingested several types of psychoactive substances at once, including alcohol, weed, molly, mushies, roofies, etc.
Bro1: Bro, you are in such a good mood tonight. Sure you don't wanna put the glow-sticks down?
Bro2: Nah bro, I'm leveled up!
by Magic Carpetbagger February 20, 2016
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To gain experience with a foreign language by conversing with people who are native speakers in their native tongue.
"Yo you see that Chinese guy over there."
"Yeah, why?"
"I'm about to go level up."
"Alright cool."
by wei shi February 10, 2018
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To level up, or leveling up, means to ingest magic mushrooms and trip. It is a clever play off of the classic Super Mario games, where obtaining mushrooms gave the player additional lives.
"Hey man, wanna level up?"
"Sure Toad, how many lives are you offering?"
by thetrevs November 27, 2009
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def:the first heavy daze of the day achieved through drub/alcohol substance. to level up is to achieve a higher level of consciousness. in reference to hit points. the term is often followed by a sound effect of video gaming nature.
by greg fournier June 10, 2003
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Euphemism used by nerds to infer that they've just gotten laid. As a result, this meaning tends not be be used that often in a non-ironic context.
Level Up:
My date with ____ went extremely well last night. The alcohol must have given be a bonus to charisma, because we headed back to her place and I totally levelled up.
by Dungeons and Dictionaries February 3, 2011
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The art of using the Internet the way it was intended. That is, to improve yourself and max out your abilities, i.e. pack on muscle, learn how to give an orgasm, seduce, cook, martial arts become a ninja, etc. especially with sites like YouTube andVideojug, to become an expert/mastery of absolutely everything.

2. self-improvement to the point of epic badassery

3. the ability to learn things on the Internet thereby making teachers and every pain in the ass school subject obsolete.

4. Learning without the tyranny of teachers.
guy: I used to suck it absolutely everything but by learning it achieved intimate mastery on YouTube! thus achieving Internet level up.
by shadowninja465 June 28, 2013
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