1 : to beat severely
2 : to abuse with words
3 : to defeat decisively
Don't make me drub you.
by Bob December 31, 2005
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A visible booger that protrudes from the nose of a drunken old woman. see: your mom
I wouldn't show my face in public if I had a drub like that.
by dwiezzel February 22, 2005
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when a blackman rapes a whiteman, or when a whiteman rapes a blackman. Only goes for guys.
A yo, this muthafucka is a fuckin drub holmes fo real. Muthafuckin Jamal just raped Billy whatta faggot...
by Re-Spawned February 22, 2004
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To absolutely destroy someone at FIFA. Giving them little chance to score, with the final result at least 5-0.
I just gave you an absolute Drubbing. I'm going to Drub you. You just got Drubbed.
by Drubster May 8, 2010
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Drubbing is when you fill a gallon jug with cum
by shingwynol April 2, 2021
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A word meaning Drunk rubbings usually sent through drunk text.
We are sorry mike we were going to come but we started our drubbings too early!
by BigJaystavsAndLILlaurDEN January 2, 2011
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To listen to dubstep and drum and bass music, usually containing alot of wobbles and drops with a few kicks thrown in.

Also to play constant music containing extreme beats that vibrate through walls.
Damn its 10am and my neighbour has already started drubbing.

That girl has one sick drubbing playlist.

'Lets start drubbing'
by Karliko1 March 30, 2010
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