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A council that is called among the people that are to to make important decisions on certain matters...when stoned. Where to eat, the question of standing up, and the discussion of further bowls to be packed are all typical topics discussed when a high council is called.
Wyatt - "Fuck dawg! Where we going to go?! We need food!"
Trevor - "I think it's about time we called a high council and table a verdict"
by thetrevs July 29, 2009
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To level up, or leveling up, means to ingest magic mushrooms and trip. It is a clever play off of the classic Super Mario games, where obtaining mushrooms gave the player additional lives.
"Hey man, wanna level up?"
"Sure Toad, how many lives are you offering?"
by thetrevs November 26, 2009
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An extension of the term 'to dip' as in 'to leave', named for the sauropods of the genus Diplodoci of the Late Jurassic Period. Colloquially, diplodocus refers to a situation where the term 'dip' doesn't fully represent the necessary dipping required to bounce properly.
"This party is totally lame. Let's diplodocus"
by thetrevs July 29, 2009
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