With its roots in Dartmoor in England, Letterboxing involves a waterproof box hidden in a scenic location and containing a rubber stamp and notebook; a person uses a series of clues (some are more cryptic than others) and possibly a compass and map to search for a box. Once found, the finder will stamp the box's notebook with his or her personal stamp, and use the box's stamp to mark their own personal notebook. Letterboxers collect the stamps from boxes all over the world. Similar in some ways to geocaching.
"I just got a patch for collecting my first hundred letterboxes!"
by india.ink September 3, 2004
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Tribadism or the lesbian act of rubbing two vulvae together (commonly known as scissoring) when practiced in secret by two Muslim lesbians.

The term is inspired from the comment, considered derogatory by some, by British politician Boris Johnson, who described Muslim women wearing burkas as looking like letterboxes. Given the parallels between a woman in a burka being hidden away from society and lesbianism not being able to be practiced openly in Islamic communities, as well as the colloquial description of a woman’s vagina as a box, this term to describe this sexual act seems particularly poignant.
It is not just their faces that need to be hidden from society. When Fatima and Aisha indulge in some hot letterboxing it’s inevitably conducted behind closed doors. Sadly, there’s no scope for perverts like me to get a sneaky peak.
by Boring Lawyer August 10, 2018
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The act of placing your erect Penis inside a strangers letterbox ringing the doorbell and hoping for a blowjob.
I done some serious letterboxing last night.
by Ben Lyncher October 29, 2011
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Hiding behind your letterbox, ready to give blowjobs to those who pop their cock through
I spent the afternoon letterboxing, my knees are shot!
by Master-GWR February 10, 2022
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When u beat ur knob head with a tenderiser untill its flat, u lay on ur side and penetrate ur mrs so it looks like ur delivering a letter. U must shout "Postman Pat has delivered" as u climax for added effect. Bonus points if its an interracial threesome as it will create the illusion that jess the cat is there with u
"Ayo u wanna letterbox tonight?"
by Dragomir The Goat May 8, 2021
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Driving around to people houses that you dislike or random which ever suits you. with a bat preferable baseball bat a metal one. and smashing there letter box into peices.
pat: doing anythnig tonight?
peta: nah, nothing planned
pat: sweet lets go "letterboxing"
by Dal.-[rawr].x December 27, 2007
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