He's just a knob head with no knob.
by Cate December 12, 2003
Northern term of endearment. Can be used both positively and negatively dependant on tone of voice!
How many times do I have to tell you, ya knob head.
Oi Brian, get some teaching done, ya knob head!
Is he a scum fan {Manchester United}? Yeah, he's a proper knob head.
by Sir Sean November 27, 2006
A really nice guy who does nice things like kill a buncha bandits and financially ruin shopkeepers and so much more (you'd have to ask one personally there's just SO MUCH they do).
Kevin from Fable II is a very nice knob head :)
by EmpressOfDawn January 24, 2023
your mum is a knob head.
by s December 9, 2003
complete and utter retard who likes doing sheep u the bak-side!!!!
oi luke smith, you knob head
by harry, ben dover March 9, 2004
Old grey haird fuddy duddy, drives a Merc (or two or three), Lives in Mandurah,
IHow am I supposed to know... I'm just a KNOB HEAD !!!
by shaun May 30, 2003