UK. Said if you're offering someone a fight. Something a cockney gangster might say
What? You wanna have it? Let's have it then you caant
by Jackie-F September 28, 2005
A euphemism for sex favoured especially by the character of Irene Alder on the BBC Sherlock when she wants to get with the hot shit that is Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch).
by sherlocked January 4, 2012
to say to have a good time with your homies
Brad: dude... what should we do today?
Paul: let's have a shit bro
by rinnalives February 5, 2019
A word that heterosexual men are prohibited to say unless they want to get smacked in the head with a high-heeled shoe 34 times.
"Let's have a kiki! I wanna have a kiki! Lock the doors TIGHT!"
by zayzaytops3232 April 28, 2019
also know as wanna have fun when two people have some "fun" usually sex or some sort of sexual activity
Boy-Let's have some fun tomorrow

Girl- Anytime
by Chikis777 March 21, 2009
When you find your partner with another person on your anniversary, simply you find them cheating on you.
He walks into the house with random flowers to see his wife with his best friend, rather than lose control he goes to a bar.

""Let's have a toast for the flowers" he lifts his glass to the flowers in pity.
by Khalisse August 2, 2017