The physical reincarnation of jesus. commonly causes friction damage when he beats his meat. commonly eats ass frequently. accidently pours gasoline on his meat and sets it on fire. hes a good boy beacuse he only does meth crack and heroin.
by frictiondamage69 April 25, 2019
A boy who is loving to some people but hateful to others. he's funny, he can take a joke/nothing can hurt his feelings, but if he's in a bad mode don't make his mood worse because it won't end well for u
There is no example for alderic because there doesn't need to be one
by Wiggles72 January 15, 2016
name of a person that is a vegetarian tree hugger wannabe crip son of a bitch. Usually walks with a limp or has a gimp arm. Has plenty of time and very little money consequently.
That alder fucked up that shit.
Alder did it again.
by Joe Zeisel June 21, 2004
A boner that comes around in the afternoon with a hard suprise.
Ahhh man dude, I have a afternoon alder and its a big one
by Bruhballs March 28, 2017
When your dog licks his chocolate starfish for twenty minutes straight, then you walk in all naive and whatnot and ask him for a big sloppy tongue kiss.
Madison: "Who stepped in dog poop?"
Mike: "Nobody bruh, Its your breath from the Dirty Alder you just received." (Throws up in mouth a little bit.}
by Aztec Two Step March 29, 2020
place. Gritty town left beside the road on the way to prosperity. Founded in 1892 by independent spirits who were not interested in the progressive ways of the people in Rimbey.

Home of the Fighting Badgers, the tri-province soccer champs three years running (1899,1900 and 1901), and twice voted "Hamlet of the Decade" by a local pamphlet company, Alder Flats is poised to leap into the twentieth century.
I had a dream last night. Alder Flats was a rainbow and Rocky Mountain House was a scorpion chasing its tail. Aerosmith music was playing. There were rocks in the road. A lot of rocks.
by gnostic1 June 28, 2012