“Let’s do it”, is super vague and may have negative connotations. Therefore, “let’s do it up” is used as a phrase to prelude to a situation that will only result in a positive uplifting outcome.
Can’t wait to go clubbing tonight. Let’s do it up boys!
Big game today but let’s not let the pressure get to us. Let’s do it up!
A:a polite way of asking or telling someone that you need them to work with you on some project/task.

B:a polite way to agree with someone about completing a project/task.
person a:"we need to go get some snacks!"
person b:"ya, lets do this shit"
by blaten December 20, 2004
agreeing to go out somewhere safe and private to indulge in smoking pot
Behind a tree, in the dark alley, on the beach, in someones cabin without children,or in a car with the windows closed lets do something.
by zindle April 27, 2008
Let us do the task before us in an awesome way.
"Hey, Double Danger, the President needs us to stop that nuclear missile from hitting the moon."

"Let's do this honky!"
by spookygrinder March 12, 2010
when you just want to do fuckall so you avoid work at all cost
- "Let's do a John" - said my coworker
- "I've been fired for that." - thats me.
by itsreallynonunderstable February 9, 2022
any way you wanna do it
hey bro how we ganna get da money 4 da rent?

just like flocka said, oh lets do it!
by D~RAY August 21, 2011