Greatest man existed. Smart, kind, intelligent and get lots of girls. but the thing is, always too shy to confess to a girl so that's why he doesn't get that many.

A son of his parents. A clown among his friends and a romantic, funny and reliable lover or husband
Holy shit is that Tuan Anh Le? I fell for him ever since I first known him
Me too~
by Tuan Anh's biggest fan November 23, 2021
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a lover, a person use only for sex or pleasure he/she ain't your man or woman
but a person you can chill with have fun and fuck after and move on smartly

and still be friends
girl: hey girl whats up? i'm just kicking it with my tunqkulayle (tunq*ku*lay*le)
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Just a short boy with spectacles,not so good in academics but still fine in sports like basketball.His like a brother to me and his a very good boy,his birthday is on 24th October 2009.
Tyler Tong Tian Le will know who this is:)
by Valarietan2302 October 3, 2021
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The best , The king of selfbot ,sympa
Nighty is the best selfbot.
Shibuya is the best
Shibuya le meilleur dev
by hittler 34534 August 15, 2021
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Handsome and really good guy, a kind of gorgeous and funny open Nerd with out of bed hype style. This must be one of the prettiest and coolest kind of people.
This one has the bast attitude, he's such a Simon Le Bescond.
by HellSeg June 6, 2017
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When you see a girl or short boy making out/ fucking/ having sex.
Also known as a sex position popular to short people.
Oh My God Give me that YAP LE TEH baby
Wow there are two short people doing the YAP LE TEH there
by Yap Le Mun September 3, 2017
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A beautiful girl inside and out. She may seem mean or shy on the outside but once you get close you’ll see how amazing she is 10/10 don’t ever let this girl go
Yen Thao le is fucking gorgeous
by Dozzzingintotheworld November 22, 2021
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