Look in the phonebook to see how many 'Le' in your area.
by zuluone September 28, 2006
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A ghetto ass name. Pronounced Le Dash A. This is a name primarily used in the center and outskirts of the hood or by mothers who have slim to no taste in good names. No one will ever pronounce this name correctly on the first try unless they are a relative or friend of a person named Le-a.
Tyler: "hey, wassup, ummm...leah..."
Le-a: "it's pronounced le dash a! damn, the dash aint silent!"
by da1Nonlychico August 13, 2009
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Who people want more of, because Les is More!
This program doesn't work! We need Les!
by Quesondriac November 3, 2009
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An article in French that translates to "the." Used in front of singular, masculine nouns.
le chien, le cahier, le garcon.
by Litt June 9, 2005
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1. Mandarin Chinese word used as a past tense marker. Pronounced "luh."
2. French word meaning 'the'.
1. "Ta men wo de jia lai le."
2. "Le cafe."
by Dominique July 4, 2005
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The act in which someone places "Le" before a word to sound fancy.
I saw Joe leing yesterday, he sounded fancy and proper. I think he's going to get le mad pussy.
by Kunair July 10, 2011
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Live Every Second. It is a motto slightly similar to YOLO. Carpe Diem!
Hipster: YOLO!

Me: That's old school! LES!
by ToneD February 16, 2013
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