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baddest man in the whole damn town
bad, bad leroy brown, baddest man in the whole damn town badder than a old king kong, meaner than a junkyard dog
by Ed January 28, 2008
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1. n/v(depends on usage) When u have eaten many a fast food burrito, or any food that gives u the mad floobs, or anything that makes u take an uber chinchilla(one submitted my Pace the all knowing), and u kno u have some massive browness building up in ur colon so u run to the bathroom. When u get there, u find the door is locked, so u bust it down, only to find someone else taking a dump. So u sit on his/her head and consume his body through your anus. After this, u take a dump w/ includes ur fast food burritos and the perosn u comsumed analy. At this point, ur friend looks like a black dude from being in ur colon and all, so u call this shit a 'Leroy Brown'.
2. n My black fried from school. Good guy.
3. n To take a shit to massive, u are able to take it out of the toilet and form a black dude from the poop. This black dude poop sculpture is known as a Leroy Brown
1. Holy shit dude i just fuckin Leroy Browned Johnny.

2. Hey Leroy, whats up man.

3. Dude check this Leroy Brown i just made! INSANE!
by johnson September 03, 2004
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