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A slang term used in Cricket to refer to a leg spin bowler (i.e. a bowler that turns the ball from the leg side to the off side).
That's great bowling from the leggy.

Shane Warne was the best leggy of his generation.
by Harland D. Kesnel August 25, 2008
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a term used to describe a woman with long, sexy, elegant legs.
Uma Thurman, Courtney Love, Jerry Hall, Paris Hilton - they are all famous leggy women.

How much you wanna bet that for many guys the biggest reason Paris Hilton's CD sold as much as it did was the leggy pose she has on the cover?
by I Saw U2 Live Twice December 23, 2006
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Having super-long, super-skinny legs.
Uma Thurman has a lean and leggy figure many women would die for.
by Anna February 23, 2005
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Them long things that stick out of your torso at odd angles, especially during sexual activities.
while being nailed, one of her leggies was over his shoulder, and the other was wrapped around his hot sweaty body.
by me December 22, 2003
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Pet name for Legolas from LOTR. Can be either book or film version. He likes trees.
Leggy is the most elvishy character in the Fellowship.
by Izzy F September 01, 2004
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the blond elvin "man" that travels with short people and is the craving of many young females
by Meg March 31, 2003
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The worst insult of all time with racist and foule meaning. Its like if you combined ALL controversial names and all the

F- bomb word combinations, but with a innocent, calm and funny word. Its a word that can been through around with out anyone noticing what you are really saying. This word orginaly was formed in the more racist side of South Dakota.
"Don't Be Such A F@CKIN Leggy"
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