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Contrary to what has been added prior to this entry, the Supersaw actually comprises of SEVEN detuned sawtooth waves, not two. It first appeared on the Roland JP-80x0 series of synthesizers. It is a waveform selectable on Oscillator 1 of the JP series.
The lead synth line in System F - Out of the Blue utilises a supersaw.
by Mikevolta March 24, 2006
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A layered waveform consisting of multiple saw waves which are detuned across the stereo spectrum to create an extremely full and epic sound. This is referred to as a waveform, because it usually only occupies the processing power of one oscillator on a synthesizer, assuming the synthesizer is capable of accomplishing this. This allows for multiple supersaw oscillators to be combined to create a tremendous sound.
Supersaw lead synth in Dumonde's "Never Look Back."
by Beatdrop September 16, 2005
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Spine tingling oscillator generated waveform used as a cornerstone of modern uplifting trance music. Comprises of two saw waves overlaid, one detuned 50 cent above the other, and ran through two ADSR, one filter and one envelope.

Made commercial by Ferry Corsten and the Roland JP-8080 analogue modelling synthesiser. Can be re-created with grea efficiency using Native Instrument's Pro 53 subtractive virtual synth.
The main riff of many dutch trance records created from 1998-present.
by Fusion March 21, 2004
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Before the supersaw came along Trance used to be good; repetitive, slowly building, melodic, psychedelic, mystic, euphoric, and best of all: CREATIVE. Unlike today...

*sigh* I guess it was fun as long as it lasted. I miss the good ol' Trance.
by Old school Trance fan March 02, 2008
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a saw that is really super. it has like, a huge diamond blade on it and it cuts through basically anything. anything.
i've never really heard the term "supersaw" in reference to electronic music production... i think that guy just made it up, considering that most synths nowadays have two oscillators that can be detuned by 50cents and a envelope controlled filter and amplifier you can basically make the supposedly elusive and magestic "supersaw" waveform with any modern synth, and probably most vintage ones that are about 20 years old.
by karl August 10, 2004
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