a man who is very talented sexually. a guy who can blow his girl's back out.
by daddysfavlilgrl October 30, 2003
The act of having sex with a female using your massive pipe
dude last night I was completely laying the pipe with sheela
by Emanthe2 December 9, 2015
To fuck a girl REAL GOOD.
So hard she's begging and crying for you not to stop and because the orgasm is so damn good.
I laid the pipe WELL on this chick last night. She was shakin' when I got done with her!!
by 4 June 27, 2004
having very hard sex with a girl; owning her box
Damn, that girl looks good. I wanna lay the pipe
by vinny chase December 15, 2006
The process in which a Male claps the checks of a woman most often.
by The_pipe_master August 26, 2019