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A semi-complex metaphor used to discretely tell your friends how close you are to laying the pipe or fucking a chick with the girl and/or her friends right in front of their faces.

Your metaphorical pipe always starts at a 90 degree angle sticking out vertically from the ground like most pipes or poles would. As you flirt and talk to a girl and "heat things up" your metal pipe gets hot and when metal heats up it softens and begins to bend. In this metaphor the pipe bends towards the ground, so the lower the angle the closer you are to Laying the pipe or fucking a chick. 90 is where no man wants to be. Its the friend zone and you've got a lot of work to do. 0 Is the place you want to be. It means your metaphorical pipe is laying on the ground at a zero degree angle so therefore in reality you have actually laid the pipe and fucked the chick.
Guy 1: "0 through 90?"
Guy 2(With girl standing right there): "We hit zero"
Guy 1:"I'm proud man!"
Girl: "Whats that mean?"
Guy 2:"No clue babe"
Girl:"You never Make any sense"
Guy 2: "Exactly"

Guy 1:"Hows Stacey?"
Guy 2:"I'm at 90. That bitch friend-zoned me"

Example 3
Guy 1:"I've seen you and Hanna talking a lot lately"
Guy 2: "I'm at like a 45 right now I think she'll be down to fuck eventually"
by Emanthe2 December 9, 2015
To get badly injured or hurt. This term is commonly used by downhill skateboarders or longboarders as some might say to describe a crash.
Dude did you see that video of me getting meated going way too fast in that corner?
by Emanthe2 December 9, 2015
The act of having sex with a female using your massive pipe
dude last night I was completely laying the pipe with sheela
by Emanthe2 December 9, 2015