To take a shit.Used in the movie "Ali G Indahouse".
Prime minister: "Ali,would you lay a brick for us?" ( on the building foundation)
Ali G crouches and takes a shit.
by Vojvoda August 03, 2005
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When one takes a poo in a public place usually for comic value or on an enemy's property as a form of revenge, leaving the victem with a warm, smelly, steamy, some times wet deposit depending on what the donor had for dinner the night previous to the insodent.
John: Dude, Richie's really geting on my nerves

Geo: Try laying a brick on his shity wee flat

John: Custy M8

by heycambychad April 07, 2009
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To excrete one's faeces;

For one to lay poo-poo

To 'Lay A Brick' is to drop a hefty turd
My whole family came round to my house for Sunday Roast, and a couple of hours later i had to 'lay a brick'.
by NigelBennington July 26, 2011
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A term used to describe heavy sexual activity; to rail; complete and absolute sexual toil
Dude, this chick was so horny, I was laying brick like a true champion until sunrise.
by El Guy November 17, 2005
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blowing your load in, or around a girls mouth.
i bricked in that girls mouth last night.
i was busy laying bricks last night, what did you fags do?
by Donald Black September 23, 2007
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Having a fully erect penis, that is so hard and ready for sexy time, that it is totally capable of pounding even solid brick to smithereens.
Holy Shit! My dick is so hard I could lay a brick! That's right, I could literally pound the virginity out of a solid brick! So, anyway, what's your mom doing tonight?
by tonyfamous November 01, 2011
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