An after school hotspot for over privileged new york city private school kids. On weekends, crowds come to enjoy the fresh air and to enjoy a picnic, cocktail or a joint.
A: Yo, what are you doing after school?
B: I'm going to the Great Lawn. You should come- everyone will be there
by yo whaz good April 30, 2008
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When you pull out and finish on her substantial bush
I got to the point where I had no other option but watering the lawn
by G.W. Ashington August 22, 2015
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A term for somebody who cries easily, and a lot.
It doesn't take much for him to burst into tears. I liken him to "a lawn sprinkler"...if you know what I mean. Very sensitive.
by talk2me-JCH2 March 13, 2021
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Uncontrolled neighborhood kids whose idiot parents let them say/do anything they feel like. Brats.
Trying to have a cold one on my front porch and all these fuckin lawn apes keep screaming.
by pinhead October 11, 2003
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The front lawn is cut short and manicured, while the lawn in the backyard is left long and uncut.
Compare your front and backyard lawn cutting to a mullet hairstyle where the hair in the front and back of the head are shorn differently: short in the front, long in the back. A lawn mullet has short grass in the front of the house and long, unkempt grass in the backyard.
by Not-gonna-tellya May 21, 2005
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backing a car into a lawn and burning out untill two trenches are left where the wheels had turned over.
we went out and lawn trenched this old guys yard.
by Buschlee November 8, 2007
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overbearing home owners associations that enforce ridiculous maintenance standards, for example, fining you for not maintaining a golf-course-green lawn during drought-stage water restrictions. Also nosy neighbors who report others to the homeowners association. See also yard nazi.
The lawn nazis sent us a violation for planting bermuda grass instead of st. augustine as specified in the homeowners' covnenants.
by kate sweat May 25, 2010
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