A shortened exclamation of Lord, Lordy, oh Lord and good Lord.
"Laws, that's a big cat"

Rob - "You stepped in dog poop."
Mom Mom Williams - "Laws"
by Rob's Mom Mom Williams January 10, 2005
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When your in-laws come to stay for a weekend but stay significantly longer.
John: Holy crap dude, you look like you are in misery. Is everything ok?

Jim: I am so in-lawed, my wife's parents came to stay for a weekend 3 weeks ago, and still haven't left. I may never have the crapper to myself again, let alone watch what I want to on my TV. Misery is right.
by Stoolie May 30, 2014
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Name for a penis. Used solely for the purpose of being able to say that one is about to "lay down The Law" instead of "have sex". Accredited to Patrick of the Ace Deuce in 2008.
Hey man what did you do last night?

Well, I laid down The Law with some chick...if you know what I mean *wink* *wink*
by youknowme... December 07, 2009
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When a married man visits his wife’s family and it feels like prison during the visit
Marcus: so I went to see my in laws with my wife
Harold: oh how was it?
Marcus: I never wanna go back
by Kidswillbekids May 16, 2019
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A rule or point of view which is non negotiable. A policy which is not up for discussion.

word,straight up,truth,policy,fact
Q: Dude, can I borrow your car?
A: No
Q: Why not bro?
A: That's the law!
by Werd Smith May 20, 2009
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