"You studied 5 hours for that 5 question quiz? You're such a law"
by Anonymous September 23, 2003
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Acronym for:
Light Anti-tank Weapon
Lethal Anti-taint Weapon
Little Asian Wang
Loser Ass Wipe
Legal Ass Hole
Legitimate Aircraft Hangar

and much much more...
I shit on your L.A.W.
by clarkey buttfunks January 26, 2007
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sopot na bakla
law loves our gay professor. He/she is a sopot na bakla
by hpsssss April 27, 2011
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Used to describe someone who is "Lazy And Worthless"; usually a very stubborn and sleepy person at work.
"Dude, were you just sleeping at work?! You are such a Law"
by EPPINUB April 25, 2010
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A set of rules and guidelines to protect stupid people even at the cost of taking freedoms away.
The law says that you can not text and drive or smoke weed because Tim text and drive but forgot he was driving and drove through a playground.
by Hunith June 30, 2018
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Plain and Simple. Laugh at Will you mofos.
The law will never know what hit them when we all become law abiding citizens.

v. Lylah just lawed all over the place when Coco disliked the taste of his morning Herbal Tea.
by NaughtySiren December 17, 2018
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When you do stupid, illogical, ignorant, irrational, shit. YOU GO TO FUCKING PRISON. Like killing an infant, Eating animals from a grave, raping women, and the whole nine yards.
I fucked up, The Law is going to arrest me, duh!
by JustinLaw1986! January 10, 2020
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