The language of the rabbits in the book Watership Down, also an adjective that could be taken to mean rabbit-like.
The dog had a certain lapine quality about him.
by yumi April 13, 2005
Literal meaning: "Rabbit" in french. This is a sweet and affectionate name given to your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse when you want to have intercourse like a "jack rabbit."
by Jenster from Vacaville October 25, 2010
Billy and Mike went at it like sloppy lapins.
by jsnack November 17, 2011
Also referred to as L.A.pine, the town is split by highway 97 and speckled with rundown businesses and trailer homes. Your either rich, poor, or gay. A place to shoot dope and Butt fuck. The nickname LA pine comes from the kids who think there gangster and dress like Fags, watch out though because if you try to fight them they will try to blow you or lube there butt to take one.
Jimmy: hey you wanna go kick it in LaPine Oregon tonight?
Timmy:naw I ain't gay man
by nixonjay April 17, 2015
Finnish beer also known as poron kusi or lapin kusi, It tastes like shit
Juako tua äijä oikiasti poro kusta?
-Is that guy really drinkin reindeers pee/lapin kulta
by danglydonger May 10, 2017