"to be the result of some activity, or consequence of an action." used mainly on the east coast...also could use the expression "ended up."
"Yo, Vinnie and I drove to Brooklyn...but we landed up in Harlem instead."
by Brittney Spears January 18, 2008
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"end up" said by a total bimbo.
If you commit a crime, you will land up in prison.
by Felipe Martinez January 11, 2015
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Failed pathetically, in the manner of falling flat on your ass. Left wanting and asking, fuck, what's next?
Did you hear what happened to him? He really landed dick up, didn't he? Note to editors, I like this saying and would prefer to use a person's name instead of 'him', but it's not an inside joke. It's better with a name. If you use a name, it could be Brian or Paul or anything really. Happy for you to improvise! Think of one of your sorry friends who always lands dick up.
by prof_db January 29, 2021
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