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an acronym for "lover and mistress marriage", this term is used to define:

a): a specific type of marriage (not to be confused with an open relationship, where cheating is, mostly, mutually consentual and often the couples involved are in common-law or civil marriages) where the partners are, legally speaking, fully married, and are neither legally separated nor divorced, and still cheat on each other. Since this is not an open relationship, it can only happen when one or both partners are ignorant of the fact that they are, or may be, cheating on each other.

If neither of the partners involved are ignorant of the cheating, they should not be deemed to be an open relationship, but should be seen to be as mutually adultrous and in a lamm but choosing to do nothing about it, which is absolutely their right, since the legal should not get involved until someone decides to file charges.

b): a neutral or pejorative term, depending on the context, for a movie, book, newspaper article or tv show where the plot revolves around a couple in a lamm marriage.

An epitomy of such a scenario would be the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
two people are in conversation

person a): did you see the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?

person b): yup I did, I thought it was a lamm, that's what I found so funny about it.

person a): lol, I even heard that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are in a lamm in real life as well.

person b): wtf? did you just say that? I find it hard to believe. Tone it down, you are really living underwater.
by sexydimma January 30, 2012
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1: Jeff Lamm
2: Like A Mad Monster, used when describing something that is s serious, OC, or like what. From a degenerate language developed by Eric Banares, Mark Sojka and subordinates.
Dude, she had serious jammers, they were Lamm.
by Peter O'Toole December 15, 2004
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Yeah, they induced on 09/09/09. Had nothing to do with the baby's health, just another LAMM for the mom.
by lkj2 September 21, 2009
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