Joesph is a good guy who is the best friend or boyfriend if your lucky enough.He will hold your hand,shower you with kisses and maybe even slap your ass.HE is amazing at dancing and any other sport he is a great guy.
1:Did you see joesph today
by Hhhejjeu April 27, 2017
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Joesph the god of all anime and the enjoyer of using random japanese words! Let the almighty Joesph rein over us!
by Pathqwerty July 3, 2021
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A sexy half Hispanic male that lives in deer park. He's pull Jesus and has 1,000 Eskimo brothes that he loves dearly. His best friend is Haley Brewtser and she wants him but he doesn't want her.
Joesph is pull Jesus
by TheGodofGodsofGods April 16, 2014
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A total fuck boy who tries to “act black”. He humps his friends while they sleep and jerks off to their sleeping bodies. He’s likely a total man-whore who eats shit. If your friend is a Joesph call 911 so that they can go to an insane assyulm
“Omg he’s so creepy
“Yeah, must be a Joesph”
by Orge March 1, 2019
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Tends to have an IQ of -6. An alcoholic that loves bush lattes. Has a younger brother named Parker that only knows how to say the words fuck, fatass, and Nigger. Smells like egg water and can never keep his pants up. Addicted to juuling and will do anything to take a hit off someone’s juul. And a master electrician with a tiny hammer.
Hey who’s that big dumb fucker with his ass crack hangging out?
Oh that’s just Joesph
by dustymcbustalotofnuts69 November 15, 2018
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Joesph is a ranga, red head flaming dumb one. Joe is the type of guy who can’t get over a single girl even though they weren’t dating (Charlottet). He is semi intelligent and enjoys video games especially ones the are old.
You got that question wrong
Ahh dam I pulled a Joesph
by Ash.A September 3, 2019
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