Something a dousche bag, weak ass man says to a woman when she is shining too bright, being too happy or otherwise making him feel like the lesser he really is.
by WittyKitti March 06, 2018
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command for someone to lower the volume of voice, audio or attitude
mother: "son can you turn down the music, i'm on the phone!"

punk son: "no mom!, i aint gonna tone-it-down!"
by wone2 February 14, 2009
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To becoming completely relaxed with somebody sexually; make love.
Are you toning it down with her tonight?
by realizt November 05, 2017
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Steve: Your good at CoD! go get that guy, he doesnt see you!
Tim: SHHHHHH! (whispers) Be quiet!
Steve: Tone it down a notch, he can't here you.
by HoRNYMExiiCANNN October 11, 2010
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Someone telling someone else to tone it down usually has nothing to do with race, it's because the other person is full of shit.
He/she didn't like being told that he/she was full of shit even if the person that said tone it down had a point, and the one they said to tone it down to had no point, but still looked for anything he/she could to be argumentative over just to be argumentative, a stop sign being red not being good enough of an answer not to get argumentative about it without good reason, for example.
by Lennie Smalls August 02, 2021
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When you have a huge boner but have to get rid of it quickly
James mom: (starts walking to James room)
James: oh crap (closes pornhub)
James: shit I need to clean this cum up fast and tone my pen down
James: (gets tissue and cleans cum)
James mom: (walks in)
James: Crap!.. Hi mom!
James mom: Hi James is that a boner?
James: (puts hands on crotch) Nope!
James mom: Ok just remember to do the dishes!
James: Phew!
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