One who is denying themselves the right to have an opinion, by only supporting the winning team.
2)a sellout/loser.
3)Depriver of self rights.
Whould you look at Reece, sporting those clothes. What a laker fan!
by Dajizwiz January 28, 2003
A Laker Fan actually has something to cheer for. A kings fan needs another hobby.
by Jim Worthy April 25, 2003
more commonly referred to as kobe dick riders, these lakers fans are A group of people that find it necessary to constantly compare kobe bryant to michael jordan, and ride his dick all day going on and on about his 5 rings and 81 points that he scored against toronto.

When kobe is criticised in any way,lakers fans find it necessary to create a pathetic excuses and bring up useless stats to try and deny it, while leaving out more important stats like shot attempts and field goal percentage

these people can be found on youtube on practically any nba video even videos having nothing to do with kobe.
guy1: hey man do u like basketball?
guy2:yeah man im a lakers fan
guy1: ah thats cool
guy2:kb24 for lyff man, 5 rings, mvp title, GOAT hes so clutch
guy1: ok dude..
by juststatingthefacts123456 October 1, 2011
Not necessarily a fan, but more or less a poser and dicksucker of one of two teams in LA. Often possessing a very bleak understanding of the NBA and the game of basketball itself. Typically Hispanic and/or preteen. See kobetard for additional details.
Laker fan: OMg KObees dabest homes!!! He put in ball in basket 50 times! NVP NVP NVP!!!

True NBA fan that overhears the subordinate: True he did score 50 points. However, he shot 11/68 and got 29 ft attempts. By the way your team also lost to the Wizards.

Laker fan:5 rings!!!!
by blazernation23 December 27, 2012
One who only likes the Lakers when they Win.
A "Lakers Fan" only supports the team when they win.
by SportsFan21 October 26, 2010
Past Los Angeles Laker fans that are currently Golden State Warrior fans. A bandwagoner.
Someone in 2010: Laker Nation!

Same Person in 2017: Dub Nation!

“I could’ve swore you were a Laker fan 7 years ago. You’re a Golden State Laker fan!”
by ButterflyDesign May 17, 2018