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Kobetard is someone who loves Kobe so much that it distorts the reality ( that MJ is the best etc.) They usually are kids who havent seen Michael Jordan games which is why they believe Kobe IS the best basketball player alive. Kobetards often post comments like "Kobe>MJ" or "Kobe is the best player alive" Usually their nickname consists of references to Kobe Bryant.
"kobe is the best bbal player evaaaaaaaaaa! hes my man! Kobe>MJ+LeBron! No one could ever surpass his greatness. MJ is close but..nah!" comment posted by KobeBryantFan24

sysonpyh@KobeBryantFan24 "STFU Kobetard, MJ the best!"
by sysonpyh July 07, 2010
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A person whose opinion of basketball player Kobe Bryant is ridiculously biased and revisionist. They believe and will fervently affirm that he is the best player to have ever graced a court despite strong evidence and statistics clearly showing the opposite.
"Man, Kobe is so clutch" When in fact he will usually have shot jacked his way into making his team need vital last second shots, when they should have been up by 15 long ago.

"5 rings" When in reality Shaq was the one carrying the team for his first 3 titles.

"Kobe is such a better shooter than Jordan ever was" yet stats show that Jordan scored more points, more efficiently and in an era when defenses were much tougher.

Response to all above: "lol, what a kobetard!"

One of the best existing examples is poster Georgiano on the 2K Basketball forums.
by cairafre March 13, 2011
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