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Someone who has absolutely no knowledge of basketball except for Steph curry. Someone who only began to like them when curry began to blossom. Disloyal to their geographical team and therefore has no loyalty in real life as well.
Often times fair weather fan. Many are known as "Band Wagon" fans.
Warrior Fans are bandwagons
by Dylan Rodgers May 30, 2017
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Bitchass nigga that is a bandwagon that went for them after they fuckin won the championship doesn't know anyone but steph curry
Francisco aka mogly is a fuckin bitchass warrior fan
by Dujajjdd March 03, 2017
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Someone who wants a winning team to cheer for other than the Celtics
Warrior Fans are the most loyal fans in the NBA.
by tman43 September 03, 2018
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