One who is socially inept, awkward around women, and is never going to get laid.

Often can be used as a verb when warning someone not to act like a LAI.

(Dont LAI that shit)
example 1

Bob: Dude, did you see that LAI get slapped by that stripper?

Bill: Why, what did he do?

Bob: He tried to choke her during his lapdance so she had to beat his ass off of her.

Bill: I told him not to LAI that shit!

example 2

Tom: Hey, what took you so damn long to meet up?

Dick: I had to go pick up Jason but he was late coming out of his room.

Tom: What the fuck was he doing?

Dick: You know him. He always has to rub one out before leaving the house.

Tom: What a fucking LAI!
by B.Diddy August 09, 2007
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L.A.I. pronounced 'Lie', or spelt aloud 'El Ay Eye' Acronym/Verb (to. Lai)/Slang:

Short form of "Love Actually'd it"

1. To ask out on or before christmas day.

2. To confuse a person asking you how you asked someone out.
1. e.g. 'Will you go out with me?'
'It's christmas! Are you Lai-ing me?'

2.'How did you ask them out?'
'I Lai'
'YOU LIED??!?!?!?
by Star-Ham December 27, 2010
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Lai is a day where you are lazy emotionless and have pineapple hair
David chucked a lai yesterday, so he didn't turn up
by jackie karma August 31, 2010
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The word for a person who is a furry but refuses to admit it.
"Tom invited me to a party with his friends the other night"
"Dude, I'd be careful Tom is a lai it might be one of those furry parties"
by TroutIsAFurry December 20, 2020
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most beautiful girl in this world, or at least up there, not joking, i miss her...
-That's the prettiest girl i've ever seen
-Well obviously, its lais
by $waves September 04, 2020
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Most beautiful and sweetest people are named Laïs. Also very careful with others hearts. Her heart has been broken a lot and healed it herself.
-hey, are you ok?
•yeah Laïs thanks for asking!
-are you sure?!
by itsyabitchrighthere November 16, 2019
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