When several people all stand in a circle or something, in a public pool (or any body of water) and urinate simultaneously.
Those drunk guys over there are doing a blue lagoon in Bradley's pool!
by Brendansh132213123 August 1, 2010
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another word for a brothel, first used in the song “SOAP LAGOON” by MASA WORKS DESIGN, “soap” likely is meant to be a euphemism for semen
I might head to the soap lagoon once my shifts over, I need to blow off some steam
by massivebitch March 12, 2022
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it is an anus
dude 1: jimmy d e s t r o y e d my poop lagoon
dude 2: ( ͡ಠ ʖ̯ ͡ಠ)
by grapesthestupid March 25, 2019
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n. - 1) a woman who is ready for mating by massively increased vaginal excretion. Will usually be seen wearing next to nothing whilst grinding on the nearest cholo in the club.
2) the actual vagina of the aforementioned subject. A commonly seen feature in a squirter.
That bridesmaid party looks like a nest of juice lagoons.

-Jim, did you just take a shower?
- Naw. This juice lagoon just orgasmed while I was going down on her.
by kyldonia August 24, 2012
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A body of water consisting primarily of the unwanted fetal remains, usually gathered/stolen from abortion clinic's and/or adoption agency's waste.
The murky waters of the Fetus Lagoon provides an abundance of food for the native fauna.
by andyholloway December 18, 2009
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A person who is so self-absorbed and clueless that others cannot escape his or her company fast enough.
After the umpteenth time Martha's date interrupted her to talk about himself, she pretended to go to the restroom and left the douche lagoon with the check.
by Chupallama July 16, 2015
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a trick used to scare young children, preferably while in water
Lagoon Monster- "Im the Lagoon Monster, ABOO-BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO"
child- "your not scary"
Lagoon monster- "Your parents dont love you"
by Pete DeFilippo August 6, 2007
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