Someone who appears in the morning and you have no recollection how she got there or what the fuck she is doing.
Dude the lagoon creature was back again last night.
Jesus Christ the fucking lagoon creature is here...fuck
by Nig Rig December 13, 2009
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A vulgar and disgusting woman that gives off a terrible odor from her vagina. The word derives from "cooch" which is a slang term for vagina and "lagoon" which is usually a smelly and closed area of water.
Close your legs cooch lagoon, you're making me have nausea.
by WithStrangeAeons July 7, 2011
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The Lagoon Bunnies are Amphibious. On the surface we see the swimming bunnies and are like "Oh My God, they swim." when in reality the ones that disappear into the depths of the lagoon are not only swimming and breathing but establishing an entire kingdom around a rock with the word "SMUT" engraved on it. they like to decorate this rock with streamers, ribbons, and nets that were lost by us when we tried to catch the swimming Bunnies before they sank down. They call this decoration "STORY ARCS" in their language. the homes of these Merbunnies are known as "Settings" and they live in then happily. unfortunately, there is a battle for the throne of "SMUT" Kingdom and the bunny Named Selfcest is determined to keep it. however, with its rising popularity on the surface, its afraid it will lose once its been ripped from the Lagoon. The Bunny named as THO is secretly waiting in the shadows for their chance to strike, as very few people remember it even exists, yet has all the detail and power of a story because it was written down. This is without the other MerBunnies waiting in the wings with their own ambitions and goals, deeeeep in the Lagoon.
meanwhile one the surface:

Izy: DL, how was your cake today?

DL: Don't try and act sweet servant, you still have 180,000 more words to edit. cracks whip

Ghostie: Also, do you think SAS!Marinette would convince SAS?!Luka she's a telekinetic using Bending spoons? what if she accidently convinces herself with a real spoon and they just stare at spoons the whole day? what if-


Dire: "Yo, how's your lagoon bunnies doing?"

Ghostie/Ryn/Izy/Nilsia/Feather/Rafflesia/Mousey: *simultaneously* uhhhhhhhhhh.....

Dire: Ah, I see. Still breeding, huh?
by InkMousey May 12, 2022
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A secret code name for when your on your menstrual cycle.
Friend: hey what's wrong?
Me: nothing just my blue lagoon
by Alyssago March 13, 2017
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A place with lots of beautiful women.
Dude, this place is filled with hotties. It's like a poon lagoon!

I was just swimming in that poon lagoon.

There is a bevy of beautiful women here; it's a poon lagoon if you will.
by Special 'K' March 1, 2008
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an example of a crazy lagooner (plural - crazy lagooners) is a fish, perhaps or maybe even a mermaid.
by pumpterskultra December 30, 2005
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an alcoholic drink consisting of 1.75 liters of UV Blue vodka and 2 liters of Mountain Dew.
Dude, we totally got fucked up last weekend on blue lagoon.
by I'm fucked up.... February 6, 2010
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