When a guy blows his load on a girl and fills up her belly button up with cum.
Shit Yeah, I came all fucking over her.. I even gave her a white lagoon.
by TZ January 7, 2005
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A boob lagoon is the accumulation of sweat under and between an ample set of breasts.
Boob Lagoon is the ladies' equivalent to swamp ass. Girls below a B-cup may not understand the hot sweaty band of sweat that constitutes a boob lagoon, but find a C or larger and she will know!
by ColumbusDD May 24, 2013
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Noun - 1. A sexual partner who's horrendous physical attributes are masked by heavy drinking until the morning after. Synonymous with bucket of yuck.

2. A creature who lives in a lagoon, i.e. an Ibis.
1. Oh god, I boinked a fuckin lagoon creature from the bar last night, time to get my shit checked.

2. Look at that Ibis... it's in a lagoon.
by Stephen Covell February 28, 2006
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A term used to delicately describe the flushed tampon applicators that show up in rural sewage lagoons. The cardboard or plastic applicator tips float and look like whistles.
Matt: What's the deal with all the whistles in the lagoon? Dan: Um...those aren't whistles!
Kurt: Those are lagoon whistles. Get back to work.
by Dan Sayer February 4, 2008
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To commit incest. As in the example provided by the characters from the movie The Blue Lagoon.
Those kids from West Virginia are really into blue lagooning, their parents will be pissed.
by Benny the Red April 16, 2015
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When a guy cums on a girls stomach and the cum fills up the girls belly button.
"I pulled out and gave her a Goo Lagoon last night."
by YdgTheGooLagoon November 28, 2011
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The "Poon" is known as a Womans Vagina as we know, so a "poon lagoon" is a Womans Bathroom.
Hey Sarah sorry i took so long in the poon lagoon.


Dood that chick droped a duce in the poon lagoon
by Joe Gadow January 13, 2006
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