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An ibis is a bird that is a bin juice drinking cunt and a picnic wrecking fuck
Look at that ibis scabbing food from the bin scab dreg irrit gronk
by Piece_Of_Schmidt April 05, 2017
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A bird that doesn't fucking care about you or your picnic. They usally run straight to the smell of bin juice and fucks up your entire day
Damn that bird is a cunt
That must be an Ibis
by Soiriser November 18, 2018
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The act of having sexual intercourse with a work colleague whilst both are partaking in an already existing monogamous relationship
"Hey, keen for a drink at ibis this friday after work?
by Atch wa wa July 04, 2018
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Pronounced ih-bee - An acronym of I'd bang it. A polite way of pointing out a potential target of flirty conversation and/or possible coitus negotiations.
"Hey man, ibi on your 20."

"IBI " "Where? " "Keep looking forward, she's about to pass you..."
by Elypsys January 07, 2016
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