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An ibis is a bird that is a bin juice drinking cunt and a picnic wrecking fuck
Look at that ibis scabbing food from the bin scab dreg irrit gronk
by Piece_Of_Schmidt April 05, 2017
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Pronounced ih-bee - An acronym of I'd bang it. A polite way of pointing out a potential target of flirty conversation and/or possible coitus negotiations.
"Hey man, ibi on your 20."

"IBI " "Where? " "Keep looking forward, she's about to pass you..."
by Elypsys January 07, 2016
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When someone backs themselves a bit too much.
He's a bit too Ibi for me, he's not that good at football.
by bigwilly123 February 12, 2018
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piknick recking fuck that should go back to there home planet or that garbage island in the paccific ocean
its the ibis picknick recking fuck
by that kid that h8s school August 14, 2018
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