An ibis is a bird that is a bin juice drinking cunt and a picnic wrecking fuck
Look at that ibis scabbing food from the bin scab dreg irrit gronk
by Piece_Of_Schmidt April 5, 2017
A bird that doesn't fucking care about you or your picnic. They usally run straight to the smell of bin juice and fucks up your entire day
Damn that bird is a cunt
That must be an Ibis
by Soiriser November 19, 2018
A random name often mispronounced. Also an ugly bird.
Person: Hey eye- bis
Ibis: It's e-be-s
by manlesstaste July 22, 2008
A typical fuck wit who will do anything to ruin your picnic; they do this by drinking bin juice, eating your food and yelling the fuck out of itself
Hey that bird is ruining the picnic
That would be an IBIS
by Soiriser November 19, 2018
The act of having sexual intercourse with a work colleague whilst both are partaking in an already existing monogamous relationship
"Hey, keen for a drink at ibis this friday after work?
by Atch wa wa July 5, 2018
Also known as "i·bu·pro·fen"

a synthetic compound used widely as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug.

Term commonly used for street cred, and nothing else.
I'm so sick right now... Time to pop some Ibies...
by FullSendEh February 14, 2018
The art of masturbating with the inside of your elbow by placing one hand on your chest and grasping the penis with the elbow pit. Then creating a swinging motion like a wing flapping Ibis.
Hey, did you see that guy doing the Ibis at the beach on the weekend?
by BungarooBums February 19, 2017