Small Red little Bugs with black spots, that eat Aphids and are very BEAUTIFUL..

4--L(:|:)a(:|:)d(:|:) Y--0( :|:)b(:|:)u(:|:)G--8
"Ladybugs are the Beautifulest bugs on earth!"
by Beautiful Ladybug October 18, 2006
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Any large beetle of the Coccinelidae family having a dome-shaped cases and usually with spots. Ladybugs have colors ranging from red to yellow. See ladybird.
by JulianDB February 27, 2017
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Ladybug is a fictional character from “Miraculous : Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir” She is voiced by Cristina Vee (in English). She is very independent though is very stubborn and she sometimes over thinks. Ladybug is in love with Adrien and Chat Noir , she completely shows how much she loves Adrien. Although she tries to deny her feeling for Chat Noir , Ladybug is very strong and smart. She can be breath - taking for Chat Noir but other people in the fandom will also have a crush on her. She can get in lots of danger and risk so much to save the Akumatized person. Ladybug is very confident , though she can get very frustrated and worried. If Chat Noir gets in any danger she does try to capture the Akuma on her own.
Ladybug is confident and stubborn.
by marisbluebelleyes November 12, 2019
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(verb) A ladybug occurs during anal sex when the guy slaps the girls ass until it is red then pulls out and wipes his dick all over making spots all over her ass.
Matt: Yo man I heard you gave your lady a mean ladybug on her birthday

Jared: A ladybug?

Matt: yeah man when you smack her ass a bunch and then you dot her ass with your poop dick

Jared: NICE, ill have to use that one
by Steven Cooper April 05, 2011
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A girl who has the body of a ladybug small at the top but round at the bottom, but at the same time she acts like a bug pestering and clinging to you.
Evan was dreaming about how he was dating a ladybug.
by UncleFat June 13, 2021
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Ladybug is a fictional character based from a tv show. She works with her partner chat noir to save the day. Did I mention chat has a huge crush on Ladybug and calls her names including m’lady, bugaboo and a few more
Chat noir: hey bugaboo~
Ladybug: don’t call me bugaboo!!
by Gabriella_Castello November 01, 2019
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an evil little red thing that likes to land on you and poop on you, laugh and fly away.
Ahh... look at the cute ladybug on my hand. OH SHITT!!!
by shorty with shades December 09, 2008
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