highest level of beauty!
even more than the most beautiful.
"you have the beautifulest eyes i have ever seen in my life"

David :"she is so beautiful .
Mani : " the beautifulest ".
by kika January 17, 2017
More beautiful than anything and anyone in the world
Ali Is the most beautifulest girl in the world
by Eric Granger April 7, 2007
The Slang word to describe how beautiful someone is when you can't quite put it into words.
"Lili, your the beautifulest person I know"

"Really? *cough* thats so *splutter* kind!, If I wasn't so sick I would throw myself upon you right now"

"Oh lili, I want to share everything with you, your toaster, fridge, even your contagious bacteria!"
by em696 February 18, 2010
Did you see Jenn P she is the most Beautifulest Girl ever
by Stonedgummy February 25, 2021
The superlative form of beautiful. Referring the the single most beautiful person in existance.
Of all the people in the world, Melanie Marron is the beautifulest.
by thatswrite March 10, 2008
The most beautifulest woman in the world!
Blondie is the most beautifulest woman in the world!
by RABBIT73 January 10, 2009
A 5 foot Filipino girl from Hawaii. Lives in Vegas and likes to dance. Loves flowers and tight hugs.
Tyrah Jhade Lacar is the most beautifulest girl ever
by veeveeyank May 21, 2021