Chat Noir is very hot, but still super sweet and an overall really good guy! he deserves much more love than he is given and is just waiting for Ladybug to fall for him! He uses pet names like Bugaboo and Princess for two, or should i say one very special girl! Though, Ladybug dislikes being called Bugaboo he calls her that anyways. It sucks that Chat isn’t real though. but he still has a special place in our hearts <3
Chat Noir: Hey Bugaboo, fancy seeing you here!
Ladybug: Chat, stop calling me that!
Chat Noir: Don’t worry Princess, i’ll save you

Marinette: Mhm. okay.
by AngelAgreste August 18, 2018
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Bad ass
Smart ass


Amazing and cute and sweet and puuurrfect and wears a sexy sute to show off his sexy ass with amazing eyes
"Chat Noir is a bad ass guy" or
"Chat noir is a cute kitty" or

"Naught kitty chat "
by Chat noir Lover March 16, 2016
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Chat Noir is from the show "Miraculous Ladybug" He is very flirty towards his partner in crime, Ladybug. Chat Noir also known as Cat Noir is very protective and would sacrifice his own life for his "Lady". He is funny, puuuurrfectttt, very flirty, bad ass, and a CUTIEEE. But HE IS IN DEEEEEP LOVE WITH LADYBUG.
"I wish Chat Noir was real."
"Is it a bird? Is it a plane? uh no. ITS CHAT NOIR!"
by lil.chatt April 3, 2018
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Chat Noir is one of Paris’ main superheroes in the show Miraculous Ladybug. He works with Ladybug, his partner, who he is also in love with. He makes a lot of puns and calls Ladybug nicknames like ‘milady’ ‘miladybug’ and ‘bugaboo.’ People may describe him as cunning, charming, stubborn, or flirtatious, but overall he is a great superhero and person! (or feather, whichever u prefer ;))
person 1: wow! ladybug is my favorite superhero! she’s super brave and kind!
person 2: i prefer chat noir! he’s charming and flirty!
by basicallymyuser March 18, 2022
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Adrien Agreste but dressed in a black leather cat outfit and saving Paris from Hawkmoth. The best boi: cute, sexy, strong, funny, dependable.

Is in love with his “work” partner who treats him like trash. He’s probably a masochist but we love him.
I love Chat Noir, he deserves better than ladybug!
by ZiggyCat October 6, 2021
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Chat noir is hot and in love with Martina.
person 1: I wish chat noir was in love with me
person 2: Same but he is already in love with Martina
by idkiamreallyprettytho February 27, 2021
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Someone ladybug would be DEAD without
Person 1: what's the name of Ladybug' S sidekick

Person 2: chat noir
Me: I hate you both
by JesusFreakIsMe February 21, 2019
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