ladette (also less frequent laddette) /lædet/ noun (BrE, informal)
a young woman who behaves in a confident and noisy way, who drinks alcohol and may enjoy sport or other activities that are traditionally enjoyed by men.
Analysts believe the ladette phenomenon has been driven by increasing levels of financial independence among young women.
17-year-old Zola and her gang of ladettes boast about just how much under-age drinking they did last weekend.

She has also had a reputation as a hard-drinking, hard-partying ladette who seems to enjoy the single life.
by June 8, 2005
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Popular British term to decribe a girl who, in answer to the male "lad culture" of the 1990's, bizarrely adopted the exact same behaviour as the men

they claimed to be reacting against - mainly drinking pints of lager, swearing and vomiting publicly, and watching football, all conducted with

exaggerated zeal. Interestingly, the behaviour of the ladette played into the hands of the lads, as not only did the ladette's alcohol consumption make

them easier pick up targets, the lads wouldn't have to switch off the football while they later had sex with them.

Popular and media friendly ladettes of the time were the likes of Zoe Ball and Sarah Cox, who counterpointed their frequent lad-mag bikini spreads with

bouts of public drunkeness, especially when there was paparazzi around too capture it.

The ladette tag was ultimately doomed to failure when the likes of Cat Deeley, Billie Piper, Jayne Middlemiss and Denise Van Outen jumped on the

bandwagon - established media whores, known principally for their looks - and the transition from Ladette to Spring Break Girls Gone Wild was


The interesting footnote is that the ladette arguably exists now more than they ever did at the height of their popularity ten years agp, only now

they're simply referred to more accurately as "drunk sluts out looking for cock", which had always been the case anyway.
Ladette: Oh, look at me, I'm so drunk, hee hee hee.
Group Of Men: Great, now we can all fuck you.

Ladette: Why didn't the guy in the black shirt try to score there?
Lad: Because he's the fucking referee you dumb slut, now shut up and suck on this.
by jpeterman July 12, 2006
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While it can be used to describe a girl with a laddish attitute, it can also be used the other way around, to describe a male, who is so effeminate, he makes even his female friends seem manly.
He's a bit of a ladette that one
by Ben Cranium February 15, 2011
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Ladette; Noun

Ladette: A Female sort for saying Lad


Often used in friendly and informal meetings and gatherings to refer to a favourable female.
"Lads and ladettes, thank you for coming to my best bud's wedding"
by BunPickleCheese1 April 5, 2020
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The Female Equivalent of a True Lad. A True Ladette is a beer chugging, banter loving, footie watching - a true ladette.
See True Lad website, True Ladette.
by ladofthecollege May 20, 2011
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