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Sussy Mogus is a Slang term for saying, *Suspicious* *Among us*. it can be used against someone as an insult, or a way to arouse Suspicion among fellow Crewmates, Classmates, or Plane Crash Survivors.

The phrase has a variety of uses, such as: insulting someone at a funeral, making jokes with your cat. Starting a Pornographic Film, ending a speech for world leaders, and especially for talking to yourself and crying because you know you will never amount to anything because you say the word, "Sussy Mogus"
Man 1: "bro my Ant died..."
Man 2: "i don't care Sussy Mogus"
by BunPickleCheese1 September 18, 2021
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Ladette; Noun

Ladette: A Female sort for saying Lad


Often used in friendly and informal meetings and gatherings to refer to a favourable female.
"Lads and ladettes, thank you for coming to my best bud's wedding"
by BunPickleCheese1 April 5, 2020
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The implementation of Among us into Something;
Per se a video game, Video, or a person's bum.
Man called adin: "Amongusization"
by BunPickleCheese1 April 21, 2023
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A recently discovered condition that affects people from any age, but is most prominent in the ages 7-18.

The Condition outlined is when a person has occasional or frequent among us encounters. These can include: Seeing a trash can as an among us crewmate, Having the urge to say "sus" or "impostor" during a conversation, Seeing crewmates talk to you or hear an impostor talking with you.

It seems closely related to Schizophrenia and can be caused by having said conditon. But GAS (Generalised Amonguli Syndrome) Seems to mainly effect the memory and senses. The GAS effects everything you can see, hear, smell, hear and feel.
This is why often these patients have extreme episodes when they have a full experience of being murdered by a crewmate and actually feeling the pain and agony.
Often these episodes can be calmed by experimental ways such as Drugs such as xanax and Marijuana.

Some patients have been reported to be driven insane from being "stalked" not episodes that have them up close and personal. but instead far away, in the corner of the eyes. Staring.

There is no cure for the conditions as of yet, but many doctors are trying to Help the nearly 1 million people affected by GAS today.
Man 1: "Did you hear that Frank was diagnosed with Generalised Amonguli Syndrome?"
Woman 1: "No, that's terrible!" (Cry)
by BunPickleCheese1 April 19, 2023
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The fear of tennis balls, objects look like tennis balls, and the word Tennis ball itself.

reportedly 9/10 americans have TBallophobia
Doctor: "You have Tballophobia"
by BunPickleCheese1 June 5, 2023
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A Stick of Shit, being used as a Dildo.

The Shit Stick is often paired with a bit of water in a mold, to Harden and use better.
Man: "So I was thinking... I think we should experiment a little?"
Wife: "What were you thinking of?"
Man: "Just a little Shiten Stick?"
Wife: "Ew what the fuck?"
by BunPickleCheese1 February 1, 2022
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