An ultra-cool sport, with a coolness factor second only to rugby.
"Yo, you play lacrosse? Fuckin' hardcore!"
by Shard February 28, 2005
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it's all about the running
pushing yourself to the limit
never giving up no matter how tired you are
or how sore you are
its all about the team work
and how great you feel in the end
knowing that you did everything as a team
Let's go play some lacrosse.
by Meggyx10 April 10, 2007
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Lacrosse is a sport which one plays when the college is too small to have a football team. The main goal of the sport is unclear, but the primary aspects of it include shirtless, sweaty men-women chasing after each other with butterfly nets.

Lacrosse was clearMYAH!ly invented by a raving madman. History says that the raving madman in question may have been Aztec or Mayan, but no one is terribly sure. Lacrosse saw a surge in popularity when Pope Julius II declared ex-cathedra that "soccer is gay (sic)". Since then, there has been a significant amount of emnity between soccer players and lacrosse players.

More recently, lacrosse is the first sport that allowed woodland creatures to manage teams, illiciting huge support from pro-woodland creature interest groups everywhere (and dismay from pro-crustacean groups everywhere).

Before one can even sign up for a pMYAH!osition as a lacrosse team, one's gender must be ambiguous. It makes no difference whatsoever to how the sport is played, but it seems to be the case nonetheless.

Players attempt to catch as many butterflies as possible with their modified butterfly nets. It is a foul is a player hits another player in the crotch with his or her butterfly net. It is also a foul isMYAH! the butterfly eats any player on the team.

There is no rule number three!

If a girl dates a lacrosse player for the sole purpose of receiving sex, the girl may be referred to as a "lacrossetitute". This definitioMYAH!n can be supplied in a surprisingly large number of circumstances.

Ryan Tracy...Yes. Colter Thoma...No. You too, Cranston, and Will, and Brenton.

"what's a potato?"

calen wilson

β€œLacrosse is a faggot college activity!”

~ George Carlin on Lacrosse
by Kodiac1 December 09, 2006
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The Fastest Game on Two Feet!
All of the other definitions pretty much have it down, except that it is possible to play baseball and lacrosse. NOTE: People such as the author of Definition 23 ("Dan Marino" fom Philadelphia) should not even be permitted to stand in the presence of a LAX Player.
There are LAX Players, then there is everyone else.
by _Chris_ August 16, 2005
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A sport originally played by Native Americans when war wasn't brutal enough. It's a demanding sport only made fun of by people that have never tried it or tried it and couldn't handle it.

Due to the sport's early adoption by private schools in Maryland and New York, the sport has been dominated by mostly white upper class players from these areas in the past. With the spread of the sport across the country and the wide acceptance in public schools, the demographic has become a lot more diverse. California, Colorado, Texas, and Florida have all become big areas for lacrosse and a big increase in minority players including MLL standouts John Christmas, Kyle Harrison, and Chazz Woodson as well as two of the top 07 college recruits, the Bratton brothers.
Only tough, coordinated players with a good work ethic, stamina, and good field sense make good lacrosse players.
by Tigerlax February 03, 2008
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a kick ass sport that is 100 times better than baseball and hockey. Anyone who plays baseball instead of lacrosse needs to grow a dick
Pats mom gave me head the other nite becuz she loved the fact that i played lacrosse.
by lacrosse January 04, 2005
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