The two words you'll see the most while playing any Dark Souls game. Will cause frustration and anger.
Game: "You Died"
You, the player, angry: "Fuck!"
by kirby the memestar June 29, 2018
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*You Died*
You: jftgcvhyftvhytdrserdyt
Me: LUL noob
by SaintSoviet January 09, 2020
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Someone makes a phrase or does something completely bizerk or crazy
A husband tells a wife he's getting a prenumptual agreement after they been together for 10 years. The wife's response is "You died!!"
by topoftheline September 08, 2007
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Show's disbelief, generally playfully negative.
"I just kissed Justin upon whom we both have a crush!" "You di-int!"
but not:
"I just had sex with your husband!" "You di-int!"
by Space chicken June 23, 2004
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1. The leading cause of death when moving west on the Oregon Trail;

Shows how old-school you are when it comes to gaming.
Person 1: I think I should eat some raw meat today!

Oregon Trail: You have died of dysentery.

by Dr. Foxy January 04, 2011
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A Famous quote by youtuber deadlox aka Ty and if you don't know just get out
Guy 1: *pushes him off parkour map*
Deadlox: Why you do dis
by Deadlox's gurl February 25, 2014
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A slang term that implies confusion and befuddlement. Often used when you have not been paying attention and you have to do a worksheet or test. This expression usually pisses people off.
"This worksheet is on standard deviation; how you do dis?"
by Chunky Reddy January 03, 2009
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